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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you come to my accommodation or airbnb while I'm staying in Wairarapa?

Almost certainly yes. This is our business model and our most common scenario. We simply need an outdoor area with a good view of the sky and enough space for your group to comfortably sit or stand. Most airbnbs are well situated for this. If you are unsure it pays to check with the host or hotel staff.

What if my accommodation is not suitable for stargazing? Can we do the experience at another venue?

There's a good chance we can. We can make arrangements with other local businesses or utilise public spaces such as parks. Please contact us to discuss this. We also have permission to use Martinborough Golf Course. A lovely dark site.

Do I need to pay to make a booking?

To make your own booking online, you will need to enter credit card details for your card to be charged. If you would like to contact us to discuss a date and have us make the booking for you, we can do this without charge and invoice you after the experience goes ahead. This will avoid the complication of refunds if we need to cancel for unsuitable weather.

What if the weather is bad on the night of my experience?

If we need to cancel your experience because of weather, you will not be charged. If you will still be in the area after your cancelled experience, you are welcome to book again for any available time you wish. Please do not assume your experience will be cancelled if the weather is bad earlier in the day. We may wait until only two hours before your start time to make the final call. Please contact us if you need a definitive call earlier.

Can you travel outside the Wairarapa region?

To some extent, yes. We can travel up to about 2 hours from central Wairarapa. There will be various factors to consider for this so please contact us to discuss.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes. Please see our gift voucher & shop page.

Do I need to provide anything?

Only your accommodation or home for the length of your experience. We bring all the equipment needed for a stargazing experience. We recommend you wear warm clothes or have some available, even in summer, and any other personal items you need to remain comfortable for up to 90 minutes. If you have outdoor seating available this could be useful.

Is my accomodation too close to town lights?

90% of the Wairarapa region is dark enough for excellent stargazing. The central area of Masterton is quite bright so if you are choosing your accommodation based on a good place for stargazing, it would pay to avoid this area. The smaller towns such as Carterton, Greytown and Martinborough are less bright and only a small central area may be worth avoiding. But good stargazing is still possible even in the centre of these towns. If you are unsure, please contact us for advice.

Can I include children?

Yes. Although our stargazing experiences are aimed at an adult audience by default, we will adapt the level of the content to suit all ages present. If you would like the experience to be specifically for children, please let us know. Children over 12 years of age will be included in your group numbers. Eg, two adults and a 13 year old will count as a group of 3.

What about the moon?

Yes, the moon does affect the darkness of the sky. This is most obvious in the week leading up to full moon (2nd quarter - waxing gibbous phase). It is not necessarily a problem since if the sky is clear, there is still plenty to point out and see through a telescope. Closer to full moon, the milky way band will not be as visible, and at full moon, it is almost invisible. Each night after full moon night, the moon rises later, so a few nights after full moon, the earliest experience of the night will be moonless. If you want to plan your experience around the moon phase and don't know when is best, please contact us to ask.