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We come to you with all the equipment needed for a memorable night stargazing. Under The Stars offers the only award winning nomadic astronomy experiences in the Wairarapa, providing private stargazing sessions and school space education wherever you are in the region.

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Wairarapa, New Zealand

Wairarapa Awards

Under The Stars is proud to be the winner of the ANZ Emerging Business at the Wairarapa Awards!

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Everyone loved it and we were captivated by your knowledge and passion. It has certainly brought a greater awareness of our environment. I’ll be definitely recommending you to others.

The students and teachers had an amazing time and have been buzzing about it ever since! Thanks for making it happen!

Best night in my back yard - EVER!

This was one of the most memorable experiences I have had in a very long time. Sitting around a fire with friends, Chris took us on a journey around what I have clearly taken for granted for so many years. Seeing Saturn from my back yard was AMAZING.

Amazing guided tour of the southern night sky experience

Chris set up while we waited inside, we then got to lie back on comfy reclining bean bags with hot water bottles and blankets while Chris took us on a guided tour of the southern night sky, from Alpha Centauri to Canopus, through the southern Cross to Scorpio and the Maui fish hook and off to Galaxies far away. From old red giants to new nebula. Using naked eyes, binoculars and an amazing telescope.

Fabulous tour of the Milky Way

This is such a great experience - sitting comfortably at our holiday accommodation, being lead on a tour of the night sky. Chris is very knowledgeable but keeps it relatable. Learning, awe and fun, all wrapped into one!

Under the Stars Astronomy introduces and explores the universe in real, personable and down to earth language, that never waivers in enthusiasm or excitement. Viewing the dark sky with UNDER THE STARS, is like seeing the Ocean for the first time – only, there is a LOT more to see!

We had an amazing time with Under The Stars. A super birthday experience with participants aged from 7-70+ who all loved it (even the teenager!) Thanks, it was wonderful.

See what we do when we're under the stars

We show off the night sky, pointing out constellations, stars, solar system objects and enjoy close up views of deep sky objects through binoculars and telescopes all in an entertaining and educational way.